How Can We Safeguard Environmental and Diversity Gains At a Production Level During a Pandemic?

Many of thesustainability strides made by productions have been thrown out of the window in the face of Covid-19 protocols. Single-serve catering and plastic gloves have made a comeback and of course there are thousands of disposable masks. Even the physical footprint is a lot bigger as productions need more space for cast and crew, double or triple the number of trailers. The one upside is the much less frequent flying everyone has been doing although that trend is unlikely to continue into 2022.

The need to keep down the number of people on film sets has meant in-person mentoring and training initiatives have needed to innovate and training organisations have stepped up with online courses. But nothing can replicate physical experiences.

What is the risk to international public funding models?

Governments around the world are spending billions on furlough schemes and financial packages to keep their economies afloat into 2021. The fear now is from where they are going to claw that money back. Cultural support for productions, for festivals, for training, for education, are undoubtedly at risk. National industries are going to need to present a unified front to governments to ensure funding for the arts is not completely decimated for a decade.

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