What Next for Sony and Paramount?

Hollywood studios and their owners are set up to exploit feature films and entertainment IP across multiple platforms, with streaming now clearly front-and-centre of strategy. Universal Pictures and Warner Bros are owned by telecom behemoths, and Disney exists within its own massive media and entertainment entity.

In a fast-changing landscape, observers continue to speculate over the fate of Sony Pictures and Paramount Pictures. Neither is owned by a telecom giant, and there appears to be no let-up in speculation that a tech behemoth like Apple will come along and snap them up, or even Paramount parent ViacomCBS, in a bid to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Sony’s Japanese owners could build out a more expansive film and TV streaming strategy involving the hugely popular PlayStation platform, although Sony Pictures remains a staunch defender of the theatrical experience so such a move might take time to bear fruit. Eventually, a corporate acquisition looks like the most realistic outcome.

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